Go Green, Grow Green a true community effort

Over 200 vegetable plants were grown for the general public by other local people to try and get more people to grow their own food and reduce food miles.

In addition to all those wonderful people who came on the day to swap their plants, I would like to thanks Trish, Nicola, Sally C, Sally T, Jonathan, the Friary Drop-in allotment gardeners, joe, Dianne, Monique, Cliffe, Brian, Huan, Kate, Juliet, Liz, Maureen, Jola, Gordon, Bren and Mike for kindly donating their plants so that so many others could enjoy truly locally grown vegetables.

My thanks also go to the volunteers who made the event a big success: Mark from Taste, Nicola, Jonathan, Thomas, Michael, Mark, Ryan, Asher, Dulip, Sally, Andy P, Chris the Park keeper and Bren for help before and on this Green Streets walk ride day.

May your plants prosper and you experience the joy of growing your own food.